We Recreated Our Favorite ‘90s Breakfast Bites

April 27, 2023

There was something simply magical about childhood mornings spent with our favorite breakfasts in front of the best ‘90s-era television shows.

So we set out to recapture that magic by putting a modern spin on classic '90s morning eats. Ready to hit rewind on breakfast time? Add just a few ingredients to your next delivery and prepare for a tasty throwback. (Hot tip: These snacks pair perfectly with Saturday morning cartoons!)

Original Superfood Oatmeal + Dark Chocolate Peanut Gems = Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal

Non-Fat Vanilla Yogurt + Dark Chocolate Peanut Gems = YoCrunch!

Ancient Grain Pancake Mix + Organic Vermont Maple Syrup = Eggo Mini Pancakes

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