Up Your Soup Game With These Chef-Approved Tips

December 15, 2023

Soup is basically coziness in a bowl. And as temperatures begin to drop, we can’t wait to welcome those warm, wonderful vibes into our kitchens (plus, plenty of hearty veggies and vitamin-packed broths!).

If you feel the same and want to stir up some deliciousness, check out these tips from our culinary team to help take your soup to flavorful new heights: 

  1. Get a soup-er start. Most soup recipes begin with sautéing onions—let them cook really slowly on low heat for the most rich and delicious soup base.

  1. Make it extra creamy. For velvety soup minus the dairy, turn to potatoes. Just add a few potatoes (we love these buttery Multicolored Creamer Potatoes) to a blender and blitz, then add to your soup for the ultimate creamy texture.

  1. Flavors made simple. Have leftover Hungryroot sauce on hand? Use it as a flavor-packed shortcut to deliciousness. Stir a dollop or two into your soup (our Basil Pesto and Coconut Curry work especially well for this) and enjoy!

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