Your Food Profile is the Key to Your Dream Delivery

December 15, 2023

It starts with the quiz: you tell us about how you eat and your goals, and every week, we recommend groceries and recipes that fit your needs.

But did you know that you can update your dietary needs and tastes anytime you want, not just when taking the quiz? It’s all in your Food Profile.

Your Food Profile contains all of the important info about you and the way you eat. It’s what helps us get your cart started every week and make sure your fridge is filled with only the items that suit your needs and taste buds.

Here’s a peek at what you can find—and adjust—in your Food Profile:

  • Cuisines. Big fan of Mexican? Not into Italian? Tell us what types of cuisines you like, and we’ll use your preferences to suggest recipes that suit your tastes.
  • Flavors. Some people love creamy + rich flavors, others prefer fresh + herb-y. Give the thumbs-up (or down!) to help us recommend recipes with only your favorite flavors. (Not sure? Skip those and you might discover flavors you didn't know you loved!)
  • Cook Time. Tell us whether you prefer to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen, or if you don’t mind some extra cook time, and we’ll suggest recipes that fit your schedule.
  • Food Prep. Want to keep it as simple and hands-off as possible? All good. Don’t mind some chopping and prepping? That’s cool, too! You’ll see recipes suited to your preference.
  • Kitchen Appliances. Set the scene by sharing which tools you’ve got on hand—we’ll make sure not to recommend recipes that require something you don’t have.
  • Dislikes. We’ve all got ‘em. Flag the foods you’d rather avoid (like mushrooms, cilantro, or bell peppers) and you’ll rarely see them in your cart. (Remember, you can always mark a food as “Never” to keep it out of your cart for good.)

With every detail you add, your delivery becomes more attuned to you. Head to your Food Profile to make sure your preferences are *chef’s kiss* and make your deliveries better than ever.

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