To The Root: Diestel

December 15, 2023

Ever wondered who’s behind the Hungryroot eats that you know and love? Introducing To The Root, where we give you a peek into the products that show up on your doorstep and introduce you to the people who create them.

The Brand: Diestel Family Ranch

The Founders: The Diestel family has owned and operated Diestel Family Ranch for over 70 years. Now, on their fourth generation of family leadership (currently led by Jason, Heidi, and Jared), they’re one of the few remaining family-owned turkey producers in the USA. 

The Story: Ever since Great Uncle Ernest started the farm in 1949, Diestel has been committed to upholding his high standards for the planet, and for raising their animals right. That means feeding their birds a 100% vegetarian diet, giving them room to roam freely, and using regenerative agricultural techniques to reduce water use. 

The Products: Lean Ground Turkey, Turkey Bacon, Florentine Turkey Meatloaf, Smoked Turkey Breast, Sliced Honey Maple Ham, Garlic Pepper Turkey Tenderloin

Why We Love Them: Good food and good deeds! Diestel’s innovative compost program helps to improve soil health and divert waste from landfills. Each year, they donate compost to local schools in Northern California, so they can inspire the next generation to grow their own food. Between caring for their community and producing delicious turkey, what’s not to love?

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