To The Root: Barnana

December 15, 2023

Ever wondered who’s behind the Hungryroot eats that you know and love? Introducing To The Root, where we give you a peek into the products that show up on your doorstep and introduce you to the people who create them.

The Brand: Barnana

The Founder: Caue Suplicy. During his childhood in Brazil, Caue got his first taste of banana bites when his father used a homemade food dehydrator to turn super-ripe produce into tasty snacks. As a triathlete, Caue brought banana bites to races, where he shared this healthy energy source with other athletes—and they were an instant hit. His idea for Barnana was born.

The Story: In the early days of Barnana, Caue and his team visited small organic farms in Latin America to source bananas. There, Caue was shocked to discover piles of seemingly perfect bananas that were destined for the trash because they wouldn't survive the long journey to the market. He was determined to keep bunches of bananas from going to waste—and now, Barnana upcycles millions of bananas and plantains to use in their products.

Upcycling is just the beginning of Barnana’s commitment to responsible business practices. They source from small, remote, often-indigenous-run farms in Latin America and buy their crops at 30% over market price to ensure fair wages and steady income for farmers. (Plus, Barnana is a certified B-Corp!)

The Products: Organic Dark Chocolate Banana Bites

Organic Lime Plantain Chips

Why We Love Them: Flavor meets sustainability. Chewy, chocolatey bites and crunchy, tangy chips satisfy all of our sweet and salty snacking needs, while a passionate commitment to protecting the planet makes us feel good about what we eat.

It’s super important to us that our sourcing partners meet the highest possible standards—so that you can have the highest quality food in your fridge. Learn more about The Root Standard and how we ensure that everything you receive in your delivery is fresh, nutritious, and vetted.

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