The Fridge Files: Kylie Conibear, Director of Product

February 5, 2024

Ever wondered what the folks behind Hungryroot order each week? Welcome to the Fridge Files. Take a peek inside our deliveries and discover our favorite foods, mealtime habits, and Hungryroot hacks.

Name: Kylie Conibear

Role: Director of Product

How many people you’re feeding: Two—me and my husband.

Dietary needs and preferences: No restrictions, just a carnivore (so I'm not big on most plant-based proteins). I also have a strong distaste for olives and mushrooms.

Hungryroot item or recipe that you can’t get enough of: Shishito peppers, some form of lettuce, and the Wood Grilled Pizza Crusts.

How Hungryroot helps you thrive: My husband and I are busy and our schedules vary so much week to week, so I usually center our delivery on proteins and enough ingredients for a couple salads to make sure we're fueled for our busy work and workout schedules. I try to get really versatile grocery items that I can spin up into whatever kind of dish I'm craving at the time, or that I know will help me use up any random ingredients I have left. There are so many flexible items like this at Hungryroot, but my personal favorite is the pizza crust—I know that I can grab whatever sauce, cheese and/or veggies I have in the fridge to make a delicious flatbread.

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