The Fridge Files: Grant Cotler, Senior Analyst, Personalization & Food

March 11, 2024

Ever wondered what the folks behind Hungryroot order each week? Welcome to the Fridge Files. Take a peek inside our deliveries and discover our favorite foods, mealtime habits, and Hungryroot hacks.

Name: Grant Cotler

Role: Senior Analyst, Personalization & Food

How many people you’re feeding: Typically me and my fiancé—but when I visit home, us two and my parents.

Dietary needs and preferences: We eat everything, but trying to eat more plant-based.

Hungryroot item or recipe that you can’t get enough of: Braised Lemongrass Tofu Nuggets

How Hungryroot helps you thrive: I love to cook, but weekdays and nights get busy, and sometimes I don't get to the store over the weekend. Hungryroot allows me to find healthy meals that I can have for lunch or dinner during the week that give me some time back. It also teaches me new plant-based recipes and product combinations so I start to learn ways to cook more plant-forward meals.

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