The Fridge Files: Carolyn Frey, Chief People Officer

January 16, 2024

Ever wondered what the folks behind Hungryroot order each week? Welcome to the Fridge Files. Take a peek inside our deliveries and discover our favorite foods, mealtime habits, and Hungryroot hacks.

Name: Carolyn Frey

Role: Chief People Officer

How many people you’re feeding: Four—two adults and two kids

Dietary needs and preferences: I’m a vegetarian and the rest of the house eats meat—but the kids are picky eaters! They like simple foods.

Hungryroot item or recipe that you can’t get enough of: We love the Super Broccoli Black Bean Protein Bowl and eat that at least once a week.

How Hungryroot helps you thrive: With both my husband and I working full time and the kids’ hectic school and activities schedule, we look for easy-to-prepare meals that are healthy and delicious. I personally love anything with something green in it, like broccoli or spinach, and any recipe with leftovers that can be eaten for lunch the next day

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