The Best Hungryroot Hacks from Our Community

December 15, 2023

With thousands of recipes and an ever-growing array of groceries, there’s no limit to how you can Hungryroot. Wondering how to make the most of your deliveries? Take a cue from a few of the folks who have cracked the code on deliciousness and ease:

“Be sure to try something new each week. You never know what will be your new favorite thing.” —Tamara W.

“Keep up with your food profile, because they’re adding new goodies all the time.” —Cynthis S.

“Use the EnviroIce gel pack to feed your plants!” —Eliane B.

“If you ever end up with too much cookie dough (terrible problem, right?), freeze it for later.” —Sara O.

“Avocados stay good for-freaking-ever if you put them in water in the fridge.” —Alison J.

“Just about everything tastes better with Superfood Tomato!” —Maija M.

“Give plant-based proteins a try. I was skeptical at first, but now I can’t get enough of them (especially the Braised Lemongrass Tofu Nuggets).” —Liz D.

“Microwave the cookie dough or brownie batter for a minute for a delicious and gooey mug cake.” —Briana B.

“Use The Cookbook! I browse it pretty regularly. It has everything!” —Janet N.

Find more inspiration, tips, and tricks in the happiest place on the internet: the Official Hungryroot Community Page on Facebook.

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