Some Like It Hot—Or Not

April 28, 2023

How much heat do you like in your food? Whether you prefer your meals ultra-mild, mouth-on-fire spicy, or somewhere in between, you can let us know just how much 🔥 you want.

Head to your Food Profile right here, or to the Dietary Settings section of your iOS app. Then, tap Heat Tolerance and toggle between No Heat, Mild, Medium, and Hot.

Like all of your dietary needs and taste preferences, we’ll use your Heat Tolerance selection to help auto-fill your groceries and recipes every week. Choosing No Heat? Expect nothing spicier than red bell peppers in your cart. Down for something Hot? You just may see a recommended recipe with cayenne peppers.

Remember, you can adjust your Food Profile as often as you need—so if you’re seeking more spiciness, dial up the heat anytime you’d like.

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