New Foods You Need to Try in July

December 15, 2023

July has arrived, and with it comes tons of new food that we can’t wait to share with you.

From sweet and satisfying smoothies to summery fruits and veggies, your taste buds are in for a treat (or several) this month.

Browse a few of the bites that will be hitting our virtual shelves in the coming weeks—you just might spot your soon-to-be favorite food.

Shake it up with smoothies and protein shakes that make for ultra-easy breakfasts or snacks:

  • Cinnamon Horchata Protein Shake: This almond milk-based shake tastes like creamy Mexican horchata, keeps you nourished with plant protein, and has way less sugar than your average taqueria version.
  • Strawberry Beet Squeezable Smoothie: Strawberries and beets (yes beets!) are the stars of the show in these pre-portioned, freezer-ready smoothie pops.
  • Mango Orange Smoothie: Made with mango, fuji apples, banana, and orange juice, this smoothie tastes like liquid sunshine. Plus, there's no added sugar and tons of vitamin C packed into this bottle.

From the farm to your fridge, these fruits and veggies are fresh and tasty as can be:

  • Honey Dragonfruit: Spiky on the outside, sweet and juicy on the inside, this may just be your new favorite fruit. Also known as pitaya, this yellow dragon fruit is hydrating and packed with vitamin C.
  • Baby Eggplant: These round, hearty, cute veggies are endlessly versatile, and easily soak up whatever seasonings or sauces you like.
  • Dark Sweet Cherries: These cherries are extra juicy and sweet, making them a great choice for baking, jams, and enjoying straight out of the pack—just make sure you don't eat the pits.

Make one of these delicious proteins the centerpiece of your next summertime dinner:

  • Wild-Caught Scallops: These raw wild-caught scallops are slightly sweet, amazingly tender, and cook quickly—dinner will be ready before you know it! 
  • Pork Tenderloin: This lean protein is juicy, succulent, and—you guessed it—tender as can be. It cooks up extra quick for a pork entrée that looks impressive but is actually easy to make.
  • Honey Garlic Beef: These seasoned sirloin beef strips are cooked via sous vide until perfectly fork tender. All you have to do is mix them with the sweet and savory honey garlic sauce for takeout-quality flavors, at home. 

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