Meet Some of the Women Behind Hungryroot

December 15, 2023

Ever wondered how many people it takes to make your Hungryroot experience happen? The answer: a lot.

From creating recipes and answering your questions to packaging your delivery and getting it to your doorstep, our team works hard to get the tastiest food into your fridge and onto your plate with ease.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting women from different corners of Hungryroot whose job it is to make your experience stress-free and delicious. Learn a little about what they do, who they are at Hungryroot as well as outside of work—and, most importantly, their favorite Hungryroot foods. 

Name: Melanie Narine

Role at Hungryroot: Principal Product Manager on the Digital Team

What I do each day: I help improve digital experiences, like making sure our customers’ app and website experiences are the best they can be. To do this, I collaborate with designers and researchers to find better solutions and partner with engineering, quality assurance, and analytics teams to launch new features and improvements for our customers. My day consists mostly of writing requirements or business cases and collaborating with my teammates! The best days include observing actual customers as they provide feedback on some of these features, which often happens in our Facebook Group.

My favorite Hungryroot product: So hard to pick just one—but I tend to have the Shawarma Chicken or the Superfood Almond Butter in every delivery. 

What I love about Hungryroot: My amazing teammates! I’ve never worked with such a kind and talented group of people who deeply care about making every customer’s experience a delightful one.  

Outside of work: I enjoy spending time in NYC, hanging out with friends and trying new restaurants. As of late though, I’ve been enjoying time at home, preparing for the arrival of our first baby!

Name: Laura Kershaw

Role at Hungryroot: Packaging Engineer on the Fulfillment Ops Team

What I do each day: I help make sure food arrives on customers’ doorsteps in the best condition possible. To do this, I compile data, talk to vendors, and implement new solutions at our fulfillment centers. I also source and design new packaging to get better boxes for our customers. Among many other projects, I often travel to the sites to see things first-hand and troubleshoot!

My favorite Hungryroot product: There are too many, but I order the tamales the most (especially the breakfast one!).

What I love about Hungryroot: Hungryroot has given me the ability to work on really interesting analytical problems and travel a lot more than I was able to before (both personally and for work). Working from anywhere is awesome!

Outside of work: I love to rock climb and have been taking glass blowing classes. I also love to cook!

Name: Maggie Hale

Role at Hungryroot: Produce Category Lead on the Sourcing Team

What I do each day: Each day varies for me at Hungryroot. One day I’m researching the market and working with vendors to discover exciting products. The next day I’m examining how regional weather may impact our growers' fields. With produce, there are so many pieces of the puzzle that must go right, from the moment the item is picked to when it reaches our boxes. I follow each of our items every step of the way to ensure we are providing the best quality produce possible.

My favorite Hungryroot product: Sumo Oranges! (A cross between a Satsuma and Navel Orange.) They’re only available for a short season, making them extra special.

What I love about Hungryroot: I love exploring creative new meals and grocery items on the Hungryroot site. I’m often overwhelmed at the grocery store, so it’s nice being able to take that stress away and receive thoughtfully curated boxes, which brings the joy back to my kitchen. 

Outside of work: I enjoy gardening, cooking, reading, running, and playing the piano! 

Name: Molly Rundberg-Villa

Role at Hungryroot: Senior Research + Development Chef on the Culinary Team

What I do each day: From developing new product recipes (like a new cookie dough or sauce), to overseeing the food styling and photoshoots, my job is always creative and interesting. I work closely with the photo and marketing teams to ensure that our food looks as delicious as possible. On any given day, I might be in the kitchen working on a new recipe, collaborating with the food stylists on set, or leading the Culinary team’s evaluation of new food products. I’m always focused on making sure that the food looks and tastes its best.

My favorite Hungryroot product: Triple Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Dough—happy to say I developed this recipe and it’s one of my favorites! I love how it has rich chocolate chunks, mini white chocolate chips, the toasty flavor of hazelnut, and a rich chocolate base. I have a deep appreciation for the teamwork that goes into creating the perfect dough, and I’m especially thankful for the collaboration with our Research and Development team. We love making fun cookie doughs together!

What I love about Hungryroot: Many families who use Hungryroot are just like mine: two busy working parents who have very little time, but really care about getting dinner on the table for kids with “particular” tastes as well as multiple dietary preferences. (Did you know that a lot of our customers are chefs with families?!)

Outside of work: I have two kids and the fluffiest dog in the world. They keep me and my husband on our toes, and we like that. 

Name: Jenna Haufler

Role at Hungryroot: Senior Photo + Video Manager on the Creative Team

What I do each day: I oversee our photo and video production—all of the photography you see on our site, newsletter, and blog come from my hardworking team! We photograph all the exciting new products our merchandising team brings on (side note: we get to try all of them first!) and the delicious recipes that our culinary team creates. Day-to-day, I manage a team of photographers, producers, food stylists, and video editors and provide visual direction for shoots.

My favorite Hungryroot product: Any of the bean salads! Such a good salad addition.

What I love about Hungryroot: I see myself as the typical Hungryroot customer: someone who strives to eat healthily, but also doesn't have time to plan meals and cook for hours a day. Being able to work and create content for a company that aligns with my personal values is a dream.

Outside of work: I’m a triathlete and run a brand and Youtube channel with my fiancé called Freestyle Tri—check us out!

Name: Jessie Gonzalez

Role at Hungryroot: Social Media Specialist on the Customer Care Team

What I do each day: As the Social Media Specialist, I have the pleasure of interacting with our customers and fans across all of our social media platforms. I answer questions about our delicious products, share customer feedback and suggestions, and help create a fun and interactive online experience for all of our current and potential Hungryroot customers. I also help manage our Facebook Community Group, which currently has over 24,000 members!

My favorite Hungryroot product: PIPCORN Cinnamon Twists! They’re vegan and gluten-free with just the right amount of cinnamon goodness. (Fun fact: Pipcorn was featured on one of my favorite shows, Shark Tank!)

What I love about Hungryroot: The deep connections I get to create with our community! Every day, I’m at the forefront of customer feedback, and I love that I’m able to advocate for our community so they can continue to have a stellar Hungryroot experience.

Outside of work: I enjoy listening to music, specifically R&B and Bachata, going to the beach, and watching comedy and horror movies.

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