Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes So Tasty, No One Will Miss The Turkey!

November 8, 2023

Ah, Thanksgiving—a time to gather around the dinner table and share heartfelt moments with friends and family. As the holiday season draws near, visions of juicy turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, and delicious pumpkin pie start dancing in our heads. But what if you're a vegetarian? Does that mean you have to forgo the traditional Thanksgiving experience? Absolutely not! The beauty of Thanksgiving dinner lies not just in the turkey and gravy but in the spirit of unity and of course, delectable food that pleases everyone—vegetarians included!

Being vegetarian should never make you feel like you're missing out on the quintessential Thanksgiving menu. In fact, it opens up a wonderful world of culinary possibilities that go far beyond a simple meat substitute. For vegetarians—and even meat eaters who are looking to diversify their plates—there's a wide array of options that are as tasty as they are nutritious.

In this guide, we'll take your taste buds on a delightful journey through vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes that are bound to become staples on your holiday table. From savory mains to delicious sides and, of course, let's not forget pumpkin pie for dessert, you'll find a range of dishes that even the most ardent meat eater won't be able to resist. And who knows, the next time you sit down to brainstorm your Thanksgiving menu, those traditional meat dishes may just take a backseat to these vegetarian show-stoppers!

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Our Favorite Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

Harvest Kale + Farro Salad: Unleash the spirit of the season with this healthy harvest salad. With nutrient-rich kale as the base, this green salad combines the sweetness of Honeycrisp apples and the hearty, nutty essence of warm farro. Each bite promises a fusion of textures and flavors, complemented by the yummy drizzle of a creamy house dressing. Ready in just 4 minutes, this salad is a reflection of the true essence of harvest: bountiful, fresh, and deeply nourishing.

Beyond Burger + Sweet Potato with Lemony Hummus: This vegetarian Thanksgiving recipe is proof that you can have a scrumptious and filling meal that’s also packed with flavors and nutrients. For the patty, we use Beyond Meat's burger, which brings the traditional taste and texture of a meat burger but is entirely plant-based. The sweet potato is not just a side but an integral part of the meal; it's high in dietary fiber and essential nutrients, offering a sweet and earthy taste that contrasts nicely with the savory burger. Tossed in a light coat of vegan butter, the sweet potato turns irresistibly creamy. But what truly sets this recipe apart is the hummus infused with lemon juice and dill to add a tangy and herby flair complementing both the burger and sweet potato. 

Artichoke Umami Roasted Beet Salad: Step up your vegetarian Thanksgiving salad game with this umami roasted beet salad! The baby arugula salad base provides a fresh, peppery canvas for the earthy flavors of cooked beets and zesty marinated artichoke hearts. These leafy greens wouldn’t be complete without the creamy miso dressing that ties the entire meal together. This Thanksgiving, try adding this refreshing salad to your spread!

Veggie-ful Fall RightRice Bowl: This fall-inspired main dish is a sensational rice bowl that will quickly earn its spot on your vegetarian Thanksgiving table. At the heart of this recipe is a bed of seasoned, vegetable rice, infused with the comforting flavors we often associate with Thanksgiving. The rice is paired with herb-roasted vegetables like butternut squash and halved Brussels sprouts, coated in rich olive oil, providing an earthy, savory contrast. But the crowning glory of this dish has to be the pomegranate seeds; their juicy sweetness not only adds a pop of color but also complements the tangy balsamic vinegar drizzle. Packed with fiber, vitamins, and a medley of flavors, this bowl is an ideal addition to diversify your Thanksgiving menu!

Vegan Chorizo Polenta Party On A Plate: The vegan chorizo and polenta meal offers a delightful combination of flavors and textures, all neatly packed into a quick 15-minute cooking time. Starting with a base of smooth, mashed yellow polenta, this dish provides a comforting, creamy contrast to the spicy, plant-based "chorizo". The rainbow veggie mix adds a colorful and nutritious layer, sautéed to tender perfection in a medley of vibrant vegetables. The final touch of zest comes from a drizzle of a green chile sauce providing a kick of spice that complements the richness of the other ingredients. This plate is not just a feast for the eyes, but also a nutritionally balanced recipe that can liven up any vegetarian or vegan Thanksgiving meal.

Fall ‘Chicken’ Tender Plate with Mushroom Gravy: This comforting, plant-based chicken and gravy plate is perfect for those who prefer a meat-free twist on a Thanksgiving classic. The star of this dish is the plant-based ‘chicken’ tenders, seared to perfection in a skillet, offering a hearty protein serving. Accompanying these "chicken" tenders is a medley of harvest vegetables like butternut squash, coated in a tablespoon of olive oil and oven-roasted until tender. What truly sets this dish apart is the addition of dried cranberries, which are mixed in with the vegetables, adding a tangy sweetness that’s reminiscent of a Thanksgiving classic, the cranberry sauce. To tie everything together, the dish is served with a luscious mushroom gravy, warmed to perfection for dipping or drizzling. This vegetarian plate is a satisfying and nutritious addition to any Thanksgiving spread.

Plant-based Chorizo Potato Skillet: This skillet recipe is a quick and satisfying meal that can add some zesty flair to your vegetarian menu—be it for Thanksgiving or any other occasion. Featuring plant-based “chorizo”, this dish offers a rich, spiced protein source that pairs wonderfully with the creamy, microwaved creamer potatoes. Bite-sized red bell pepper pieces add a pop of color and a touch of sweetness to balance the savory chorizo. The luscious drizzle of avocado crema elevates this dish to a must-try at the Thanksgiving table and adds a creamy, tangy finish. This skillet dish proves that quick, plant-based meals can be both delicious and nourishing.

Black Bean Avocado Stuffed Sweet Potato: Perfect as a side dish or as a main at your Thanksgiving table, this stuffed sweet potato recipe offers a flavorful meal that is ready in a quick 14 minutes. While the sweet potatoes are cooking, simmered Cuban black beans are heated until warm to offer a protein-packed and flavorful filling for the sweet potato. The dish is brought to life with the creamy texture of a ripe avocado and the fresh aroma of chopped cilantro. A spritz of fresh lime juice adds a zesty kick to balance the hearty beans, avocado, and potato. If you’re looking for a filling side dish, then look no further than this healthy and flavor-packed sweet potato recipe.

Hearty Vegan Chorizo Black Bean Butternut Plate: A feast for the senses, this hearty Thanksgiving recipe effortlessly blends rich flavors and diverse textures. This recipe starts with a base of roasted butternut squash, tender and perfectly seasoned with olive oil, salt, and pepper. As the squash roasts to perfection, plant-based “chorizo” is sautéed until brown and sizzling, adding a spicy and meaty element to the plate. Simmered Cuban black beans bring a layer of earthy richness and protein, while fresh scallions offer a burst of color and a crisp, onion-like bite. Finally, a drizzle of avocado crema adds a luxurious finish. It's a wonderful main dish that captures the essence of hearty, home-cooked meals, perfect for any plant-based dinner table.

Seared Vegan Sausages + Roasted Harvest Veggies: This recipe is a scrumptious and hearty meal that can serve as a perfect addition to a vegetarian Thanksgiving feast. Ready in just 30 minutes, this dish combines the rich flavors of brat sausage with the wholesome goodness of roasting vegetables like sweet potato, rutabaga, and sweet baby broccoli. The vegetables are seasoned with herbs, salt, and pepper, then roasted to perfection, while the vegan sausages are seared for a satisfying bite. This meal’s earthy and savory flavors make it an ideal choice for those looking to offer a delicious and inclusive option for their vegetarian and health-conscious Thanksgiving guests.

Thanksgiving is a holiday rich in flavor and tradition, and adopting a vegetarian lifestyle doesn't mean you have to compromise on either. With plant-based options ranging from tried-and-true classics to innovative culinary feats, your vegetarian Thanksgiving table can be every bit as delicious. Consider dishes like butternut squash soup garnished with pumpkin seeds, sweet potato casserole sweetened with a touch of brown sugar, or acorn squash roasted to perfection. Traditional green bean casserole can easily be made plant-based, and vegan "turkey" options have come a long way in terms of flavor and texture. Even your Thanksgiving classics like pumpkin and apple pie can be transformed with dairy substitutes such as coconut milk, while a splash of orange juice can add a tangy twist to a variety of dishes. Between nut-based "cheeses," protein-rich legumes, and a plethora of fruits and vegetables, the building blocks for a truly satisfying vegetarian feast are plentiful. We hope this guide has provided inspiration for vegetarian recipes to serve for a joyous, flavor-packed Thanksgiving celebration.

Plant-based cuisine has come a long way, offering a wealth of flavors, textures, and nutrients without compromising ethical or dietary considerations. Whether you're a vegetarian, hosting one, or simply looking to incorporate more plant-based options into your celebration, we hope this guide has inspired you with the endless possibilities for a delicious, inclusive Thanksgiving feast.

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