Easy Vegetarian Lunch Ideas To Take Your Lunch To The Next Level

November 8, 2023

If you're new to the vegetarian lifestyle or simply looking for some fresh lunchtime inspiration, you're in the right place. Being vegetarian means opting out of meat and instead focusing on plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes. There are various reasons why people choose this path—health benefits, environmental concerns, or even just to mix up their usual eating habits.

Embracing a vegetarian lifestyle doesn't mean skimping on taste or variety. The key to keeping meals interesting is creativity—especially when it comes to incorporating fresh veggies and plant-based ingredients. Whether you're looking for recipe inspiration for healthy lunches, meal prep ideas for busy weeknights, or options for meatless Mondays, the choices are truly endless. This guide aims to serve as a source of inspiration for crafting delicious, vegetarian lunch recipes that can be enjoyed as both weeknight dinners and midday refuels. So go ahead, take the plunge into the wonderful world of vegetarian cooking—you won't regret it!

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Our Favorite Vegetarian Lunch Ideas

Chimichurri Veggie Burger + Sweet Potato Fries: Ready in a quick 30 minutes, this vegetarian lunch is both flavor-packed and deeply satisfying. This dish combines black bean burger patties, rich in protein and fiber, with the bold and herby flavors of a classic chimichurri sauce and wholesome whole-grain buns. On the side, you've got creamy sweet potatoes, transformed into delectable fries that are both crispy and tender, offering natural sweetness balanced by a light salad and pepper seasoning. Whether you're a vegetarian or just exploring meatless options, this burger and fries combo brings both comfort and a gourmet touch to your lunchtime.

Sweet n’ Sour Sesame Sloppy Joe: Unleash the power of plant-based goodness in your lunch with this plant-based, sweet ‘n sour sloppy joe! Ready in a mind-blowing 11 minutes, this dish is a culinary combination of flavors, textures, and nutrients. Imagine sinking your teeth into a multigrain bun generously filled with a plant-based Beyond Meat patty that's been seasoned and browned to perfection. Infused with a flavorful sesame ginger sauce, the flavors add a blend of sweet, savory, and spicy to this sandwich. Each sloppy joe is topped with a super blend salad, offering a crunchy, fresh complement to the burger's richness. An ideal sandwich choice for those hectic lunch hours when kitchen time is a luxury you can't afford.

Coconut Curry Tofu + Brussels Stir Fry: This stir fry is perfect for when you’re craving something exotic, nutritious, and quick for lunch. Aromatic braised lemongrass tofu nuggets are pan-seared until golden, and mixed with the earthy, slightly nutty flavors of shaved Brussels sprouts. Add a hearty base of a brown rice and quinoa blend and the stage is set for the star of the show—the velvety, spicy, and irresistibly flavorful coconut curry sauce. This dish is not only a combination of intricate flavors but also a nutritional powerhouse with fiber, protein, and essential minerals. Don’t settle for a mundane lunch when you can have a meal that's as adventurous as it is nourishing.

Vegan Pizza Stuffed Peppers: If you’re a pizza lover, then look no further than this vegetarian twist on a classic favorite that captures the essence of pizza without any of the guilt. Picture juicy Beyond Meat burger crumbles seasoned with a rich blend of Italian spices, all tucked inside tender red bell peppers. This medley is then topped with creamy vegan mozzarella shreds and a luscious layer of classic tomato marinara sauce. It's not just a feast for the eyes but also a fiber and protein powerhouse that'll keep you full and fueled. With a perfect balance of flavors—from the savory plant-based burger to the melt-in-your-mouth vegan mozzarella and the tangy tomato marinara—this dish is a game-changer for your vegetarian lunch experience. 

Tomatoey Zucchini Ricotta Elbows: Experience a flavor-packed lunch that’s ready in just 12 minutes with this hearty, vegetarian pasta dish. The core ingredients include organic zucchini, whole milk ricotta, superfood tomato sauce, and organic brown rice elbow pasta. The zucchini adds a fresh, earthy undertone, which is complemented by the tanginess of the tomato sauce. Whole milk ricotta adds a creamy, rich dimension to the dish, while the brown rice elbow pasta serves as a hearty base, offering a nuttier, more complex flavor than traditional white pasta. As a vegetarian dish, this recipe is a delightful fusion of fresh flavors and nourishing ingredients that showcase the vibrant essence of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.

Beyond Taco Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing: Set yourself up for a satisfying, ultra-flavorful lunch that's ready in just 8 minutes with this ultra-healthy salad. Imagine plant-based Beyond Meat burger crumbles sizzling away with your favorite spices, adding a hearty, meaty note that even carnivores will envy. These get tossed in a bowl full of crisp baby romaine lettuce, providing that fresh crunch we all crave in a salad. Add in the cool, refreshing slices of mini cucumbers and creamy, nutrient-rich avocado, and you've got a veritable fiesta of textures. The crowning glory is the creamy lime dressing made from dairy-free sour cream whisked with zesty fresh lime juice (or lemon juice for a substitute) and a pinch of salt and pepper. It adds a tangy kick and a velvety touch that makes every bite a celebration for your next vegetarian lunch meal.

Tzatziki Eggplant Ball Couscous Bowl: This vegetarian lunch recipe is a culinary masterpiece that encapsulates a rich blend of Mediterranean flavors and textures. At the heart of this vegetarian bowl is a bed of traditional couscous, fluffed to perfection and enhanced with a pinch of salt and a touch of oil. The bowl is adorned with eggplant chickpea veggie balls, offering a hearty, protein-packed bite with each spoonful. These veggie balls fuse with the colorful rainbow veggie mix, which is sautéed to tender-crisp perfection. The pièce de résistance is the dairy-free tzatziki, layered generously atop the bowl to provide a creamy, tangy kick that ties all the components together. The meal takes only 14 minutes to prepare, making it a practical and delightful option for a busy weekday lunch.

Coconut Curry Paneer Broccoli Peppers: Experience a burst of incredible flavors in just 17 minutes with this Indian-Thai fusion bowl, a vegetarian dish that's sure to hit the spot! Imagine tender broccoli florets and crunchy red bell peppers sautéed to perfection, joining forces with creamy cubes of organic paneer. A tantalizing coconut curry sauce ties the dish together bringing sweet aromas and indulgent flavors. This dish doesn't just tick the box for plant-based protein, thanks to the 27g of protein per serving—it's a blend of textures and tastes that will leave you craving for more next lunchtime.

Spicy Beyond Meat Tacos: Get ready to elevate your lunch game to the next level with these plant-based, spicy tacos! In a mere 14 minutes, you'll be feasting on delicious tacos that are packed with 26 grams of protein per serving! Imagine a perfectly seasoned Beyond Meat burger, cooked to a juicy, browned deliciousness, split into crumbles, and placed on a warm white corn tortilla. The super blend salad filling adds a fresh, crunchy dimension, while the green chile drizzle dials up the heat, adding a kick of excitement. This isn't just a meal; it's a lunchtime fiesta on a plate. Unleash your inner chef and bring some serious spice into your healthy lunch routine with this easy recipe. 

Garlicky Caesar Chickpea Rice Bowl: Perfect for busy days, this vegetarian recipe offers simple ingredients with a side of healthy, refreshing flavors all packed into one bowl that’s ready in under 5 minutes. This vegetarian bowl is a powerhouse of balanced flavors and hearty ingredients featuring a nutty brown rice-quinoa blend that's both comforting and nutritious. Atop this sits a generous portion of a garlicky herb chickpea salad that packs protein and fiber, adding earthy tones with a hint of zesty herbs. Crunchy mini cucumbers bring a refreshing bite to the ensemble. And let's not forget the pièce de résistance: a lavish drizzle of vegan Caesar dressing, turning this quick bowl into a creamy, dreamy delight. This bowl is not just convenient but also a nutritionally balanced meal, perfect for a quick yet delicious lunch.

Bright Future Plant-Based Bowl: Ready in just 14 minutes, this protein-packed bowl will be a game-changer in your vegetarian lunch routine. Mix protein-rich lentil quinoa rice blend with plant-based Beyond Meat burger chunks, all surrounded by a vibrant rainbow veggie slaw. These power players are seasoned to perfection with a blend of garlic and herb seasoning. Imagine a bowl where the nuttiness of quinoa, the heartiness of lentils, and the juicy, meaty texture of the plant-based burger perfectly blend with the earthy, colorful medley of vegetables. This isn't just about plant-based; it's about flavor-packed, nutrient-dense eating that's high in protein and fiber, and perfect for anyone looking to elevate their lunch game. 

Spicy Black Bean + Broccoli Rice Bowl: This hearty, vegetarian lunch bowl is a flavorful dish that's ready in just 12 minutes. Featuring a flavorful base of organic seasoned jasmine rice, this bowl is topped with Cuban-spiced black beans and sweet baby broccoli, offering a high protein and fiber-rich meal. The dish is seasoned with a touch of salt and pepper and is given an extra kick of spiciness with a dollop of green chile. This bowl is not only filling but also offers a well-rounded nutritional profile perfect to fuel you for the day ahead.

Switching to a vegetarian lifestyle offers a wide array of delicious and nutritious options—no need to compromise on flavor or satisfaction. With some ingenuity in the kitchen, you can transform healthy veggies like butternut squash, bean sprouts, and red onion into delectable dishes, or whip up a comforting vegetable soup. From crunchy veggies in hearty salads to protein-packed bowls, our lunch recipes aim to be your go-to for vegetarian meal prep and more. Whether you're a seasoned vegetarian or just getting started with plant-based meals, we trust this guide will spark some culinary inspiration. Bon appétit!

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