Make a Tasty Marinade with These Sauces

May 23, 2023

Dip, spread, drizzle, slather—there are so many tasty ways to enjoy our sauces, it’s hard to pick just one. But as grilling season gets underway, we can’t help but dream of one extra delicious use: marinating.

Infusing foods with the flavor of your favorite sauce couldn't be easier. Just toss veggies or protein into a large baggie with the marinade of your choice, refrigerate for 3 (or more!) hours, and fire up the grill.

You can mix and match our sauces with almost anything, but these four pairings are especially exciting—and grill-friendly for summertime cooking. Check them out, then add the ingredients to your next delivery:

Lemon Tahini + Zucchini. Zingy sauce meets the mild flavor of this summery squash for a light, bright (and vegan!) dish that’s oh-so-easy.

Buffalo Sauce + Chicken Wings. This classic combo that never gets old, thanks to the kick of this tangy hot sauce and juicy, flavorful wings.

Green Chile + Mahi Mahi. There’s something about the slight spiciness of this sauce and the fresh, flaky fish that makes for a beautifully zesty pairing.

Classic Chimichurri + Steak. These two were practically made for each other—bright and herby chimichurri balances the richness of melt-in-your-mouth sirloin perfectly.

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