Love that recipe? Save it.

December 15, 2023

You’ve been asking for it—and it’s here.

Nope, it’s not a new flavor of cookie dough (yet). It’s a long-awaited Save feature, so you can bookmark Hungryroot recipes, from your tried-and-true faves to the ones you can’t wait to try.

Fell in love with a recipe in your last delivery? No need to commit it to memory. Just tap the bookmark icon at the top of the recipe card and it’ll be filed away as a favorite.

Plus, you can use it for any recipe—even ones you haven’t tried before. Spotted a recipe that looks delicious? Hit Save so it’s easy to find next time you’re shopping.

When browsing recipes on the app or online, you can filter by Saved Recipes so that it's super easy to find all of your favorites and add them to your next delivery.

Never miss out on deliciousness again.

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