Kid-Friendly Foods for Every Occasion

December 15, 2023

Finding foods that nourish your growing kids and don’t elicit a chorus of “ew!” from the dinner table can sometimes feel like an impossible puzzle.

So we set out to make the task a little easier by allowing you to browse recipes and groceries with the Kid-Friendly stamp of approval. These foods can help you get from morning to night with happy, well-fed little ones—and, as always, you can rest easy knowing that they’re all free of high-fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, and anything artificial.

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For the morning rush

These tasty bites can help you avoid a battle at the breakfast table.

For the lunchbox

Send these eats to school without a worry—they’re free from all major allergens!

For nutritious snacking

Perfect for an after-school bite or on-the-go fuel, these snacks are healthy and satisfying.

For foolproof dinners

These mealtime staples don’t miss. No meltdowns here (hopefully).

For chaotic evenings

On nights when you need to keep it simple, these easy eats involve minimal cooking—phew.

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