Hungryroot In The Wild

December 15, 2023

Calling all outdoorsy Hungryrooters—we’ve got some ideas for how to fuel your next adventure.

In our Official Community Group, Patricia D. shared a fantastic suggestion: “Take your Hungryroot on your camping trips!" We certainly agree.

If you’re taking to the trails, bring along healthy, tasty snacks to power you through the miles. Jerky is a hiking staple, whether you’re into classic grass-fed beef or a fun, fruity twist. Another must-have: nuts. Go simple with our roasted almonds, or enjoy a little sweetness with a chocolate-covered variety.

Need a little more sustenance? You can’t go wrong with a bar, like Bobo’s Oat Bars or Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars. Delicious, easily packable, and filled with whole grains to keep you going.

For easy meals at the campsite, bring along our grain pouches and bean salads. Or, if you’re up for a bit more cooking, opt for one of our Roast + Ready recipes—you can cook most of them right on the campfire. (Fun fact: camping is what inspired these recipes!)

A few favorites to enjoy in the great outdoors are:

Tastes Like Camping Beef + Potatoes

Easy-Cleanup Paneer Tikka Masala

All-in-One BBQ Chick'n + Potatoes

Remember: always pack out any wrappers or trash! We want to leave no trace except for full bellies.

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