Hungryroot 101: Shopping by Filters

December 15, 2023

We’re picky in the best way—we have ultra-high standards for our products, demand the freshest ingredients, and only source the best of the best. And now, you have more options than ever to get picky, too.

Our Filters make it easy to align your groceries and recipes to your tastes, dietary needs, and lifestyle. When you’re editing your cart, just click on the Filters button, check the boxes of what you’d like to see, and find exactly what you want.

Take control of your cart by trying out a few of the filters below.

Filter by Dietary Needs

Allergic to tree nuts or soy? Avoiding dairy or gluten? The Dietary Needs filter will help you steer clear of foods and recipes that aren’t right for how you eat.

Filter by Protein

Easily find exactly what you’re in the mood for with the Protein filter, which helps you find recipes that offer what you’re craving, from beef and lamb to tofu and beans.

Filter by Nutrition

Take control of your health by filtering by Nutrition needs. Choose from Carb Conscious, High Protein and more to ensure that the recipes and groceries you see align with your goals.

Filter by Cook Time

Make mealtime as easy as can be with recipes that take 5 minutes or less, or take your time in the kitchen with meals that take a little longer.

Filter by Featured Filters

From families needing Kid-Friendly meals to busy folks looking for Lunch-Friendly recipes, our featured filters have something for everyone. (Hot tip: we’re always adding new and seasonal featured filters, so keep an eye out for more ways to find the best recipe for you!)

Thanks to these filters (and our many others), you can edit your cart with precision and know that you’re filling your fridge with foods that meet your standards, too.

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