How to Put Thanksgiving Leftovers to Delicious Use

December 15, 2023

The only thing better than Thanksgiving dinner? The leftovers. There’s something extra special about enjoying festive food on the day (or two or three) after the feast. Plus, reimagining leftovers into creative new dishes is the tastiest way to avoid food waste.

No matter what you happen to be in the mood for post-Thanksgiving, you can transform your leftovers into whatever you’re craving. Check out a few creative ways to put them to delicious use.

Sandwiches. Simple + seriously delicious. Stack some turkey and as many sides as your heart desires onto a piece of bread and voila! You can also take a cue from Blue Jean Chef and whip up this crazy-good Turkey + Havarti Sandwich Melt using extra cranberry sauce and turkey.

Scrambles. A good old breakfast hash, Thanksgiving-style. Toss leftover sweet potatoes and stuffing into the skillet while scrambling some eggs or tofu, then top with avocado and hot sauce for a hearty morning (or any time of day) meal.

Salads. Got some leftover carrots, onions, and celery? You’ve halfway to a turkey salad. Just toss your diced veggies with leftover turkey and a little bit of mayo and you’re good to go. Scoop onto the bread of your choice or a big bowl of leafy greens.

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