How to Give Leftovers New Life

December 15, 2023

Ever make a to-die-for dinner, only to find that the next day’s leftovers are a little…lackluster?

Instead of settling for anything less than deliciousness, try one of these quick tips for giving your leftovers new life. With a few simple ingredients, you can cut back on waste and turn yesterday’s extra food from *groan* to gourmet.

  1. Citrus! A squeeze of lemon or lime adds instant freshness to everything from salmon to salad. (Feeling adventurous? Try grapefruit or orange.)

  1. Make a frittata! It’s the perfect way to transform even the most wilted veggies into a hearty meal. Sauté your veggies in a nonstick skillet, then add in beaten eggs (time saving hack: use liquid eggs like these!), cover and let cook on medium-low heat until eggs set, about 8-10 minutes.
  2. Herby sauces! Pesto and chimichurri are leftovers lifesavers. Made with fresh herbs and acid, they brighten up whatever you put them on.

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