How to Add Flavor With Two Simple Ingredients

December 15, 2023

Ever taste something and think the flavors could be taken up a notch? Our Culinary Director, Chef Jason, looks to two trusty add-ons when he wants to add a little extra pizazz to a dish. And the best part is, you probably already have them on hand.

“In my kitchen, two of the most important ingredients are herbs and acid,” says Chef Jason. “They make flavors shine.”

  1. Herbs. They’re a great way to bring freshness and additional flavor to almost any food. Use chopped Italian Parsley as a flavorful garnish for pastas or salads, and add a bit of aromatic Rosemary to roasted veggies.

  1. Acids. A dash of acid, like vinegar or citrus, really brightens a dish up. Try a squeeze of Fresh Lemon or Fresh Lime to bring instant vibrancy to proteins, salads, tacos…need we go on?

These simple ingredients go a long way to make tasty meals even more delicious. Plus, as Chef Jason points out: “You can use both in place of extra salt if you're looking to lower your sodium." Good for you—and your taste buds.

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