How I Hungryroot: Dre C.

December 15, 2023

Welcome to How I Hungryroot, where customers share how healthy food and easy-to-make recipes have made their day-to-day lives just a bit simpler and a whole lot tastier. Get a peek into their healthy eating tips, favorite Hungryroot foods, and, most importantly, how they spend all the free time they got back by ditching the grocery store.

Hi, I’m Dre! I’ve been using Hungryroot for a few months now and it’s made my life so much easier. I only spend 5 minutes a week on groceries—I pop into my Hungryroot app, check out their recommendations for the week, and voilà, my delivery comes and my fridge is fully stocked. I no longer spend countless hours (even days!) stressing about food. Instead, I've been exercising more and just finding more time to relax and decompress after work—even doing "nothing" feels luxurious now!

I’m never wondering “what’s for dinner?” anymore, especially on weeknights when I have a million things going on. I feel healthier (especially compared to my usual: ordering takeout every night), and I don’t have to plan ahead, get to the grocery store, and find the motivation to chop and cook after the workday. The recipes are so quick and easy—I actually enjoy cooking now and I'm usually done before I realize I've started! Plus, there’s such great variety with the recipes, I never feel bored. 

I’m a big believer in “you are what you eat,” and Hungryroot has made it so easy and fun to discover new healthy options. I tried going dairy-free but was nervous since I love cheese and yogurt. Thankfully, Hungryroot introduced me to products like dairy-free smoothies and vegan cheese! I still love the real deal, but it’s nice to know I can make my diet work with Hungryroot.

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