Everything You Need to Know About Your New Free Gifts

January 19, 2024

What’s better than a free gift in your delivery? A free gift that you get to choose from six delicious options each week.

That’s right—your free gift experience has gotten a little makeover. From now on, you’ve got more options, more control, and more deliciousness.

Each week, you’ll see a rotating selection of tasty options based on availability, seasonality, and your preferences:

Choose whichever one looks good to you, every single time. Take a look at the Q&A below to learn more about how we’ve made free gifts tastier (and more fun) than ever.

How can I choose my free gift?

For each delivery, you can choose your free gift by taking a few simple steps:

  1. When editing your delivery, select “Choose your free gift for the week,” or click on “Edit item” in the cart
  2. Click on the category you’d like
  3. After selecting the category, you can choose a specific item
  4. Click save at the bottom

Be sure to select your gift before your order is finalized at 7pm ET on your cut-off day. If you don’t make a selection, we’ll choose an item for you based on your preferences. 

Why is my usual free gift item no longer available as a free gift? 

We updated the free gifts to give you more variety each week. Now, you have six options to choose from every week based on your preferences. You can pick your specific free item from one of the following categories: Fresh veggies, Premium proteins, and Sweets + snacks (don’t worry—Almond Chickpea Cookie Dough will always be an option). While this means some of our previous free gifts will not be available every week, we hope you’ll enjoy trying all of the new options we have to offer. 

What happens if I don’t select a specific item each week? 

No worries! If you don’t select an item yourself, your free gift will be auto-selected based on your preferences. Your suggested free gift will come from the category (Fresh veggies, Premium proteins, or Sweets + snacks) you’ve most recently selected from.

Is there an additional charge to choose the free gift?

Nope! Your free gift is just that—free. It’s a little something extra each week you can use to round out a meal, try a new product, or generally get more value out of your subscription.

I don’t like any of the options showing in my account. How can I see other options?

We rotate options each week based on availability, seasonality, and your preferences. If you’re not interested in any of the available options, you can always skip your free item for the week.

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