Air Fryer Recipes are Here!

December 15, 2023

Behold the mighty air fryer: a roaster, toaster, broiler, and so much more—all in one convenient package. Customers have known for a while that this multi-talented kitchen appliance is a perfect match for our simple recipes. Now, you can add air fryer recipes to your delivery for healthy, tasty food in record time. 

Here’s a few reasons we love cooking with air fryers:
  1. They use less energy than traditional ovens, for a more sustainable (and less expensive!) way to cook.
  1. They heat up quicker, and cook food more evenly than traditional ovens, making for faster, crispier meals.
  1. There’s only one tray to clean, creating way fewer dishes than traditional cooking methods.

Here’s a taste of what’s available: 

Air Fryer Sweet Chili Salmon + Brussels

Air Fryer Korean Chicken Wonton Cups | Hungryroot

Beyond Burger + Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries

Ready to try them yourself? Just search Air Fryer when you edit to see all available recipes!

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