6 Simple Tips for a More Sustainable Kitchen

December 15, 2023

Cooking and eating habits that are good for you and good for the planet? That’s a win-win.

By integrating a few eco-friendly habits into your kitchen, you can cut way back on waste and feel good about fueling your body, without harming the environment. These simple tips are a great way to start making your kitchen a more sustainable place.

  1. Keep the leaves. Our very own Chef Jason swears by this tip to combat food waste: "Stop throwing out the leaves! You can wash and cook the tops of root veggies like beets and radishes. I like to sauté them in olive oil, garlic, chili flakes and lemon zest."

  1. Feed your plants. Did you know that the cool gel in our ice packs doubles as plant food? Green-thumb Hungryrooters have used it to grow meyer lemons, radishes, and giant sunflowers. 

  1. Ditch disposable. Simply swap your single-use kitchen essentials for the reusable kind and you’ll cut back on waste bigtime. Opt for dish towels over paper towels, beeswax wrap over aluminum foil, silicone baggies over plastic…the list goes on!

  1. Embrace leftovers. It can be easy to toss extra food at the end of a meal—but consider reimaging your leftovers in creative ways that can make your dish just as tasty as the first time around. (Psst—check out our tips for giving leftovers new life!)

  1. Avoid food waste. Tossing yet another bag of wilted spinach in the trash? We’ve all been there. Use a few simple strategies to avoid food waste, like writing the date on leftovers and putting must-use groceries at the front of your fridge.

    6. Try composting. Put your peels, pits, and other scraps to good use by turning them          into fertilizer. Whether you compost in your own backyard or drop it at your nearest          farmer’s market, your would-be food trash can create super enriching soil for plants.

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