5 Ways To Make The Holidays Simple + Stress-Free

December 15, 2023

It’s the most wonderful (and busy) time of the year! There’s a lot to celebrate: good food, cheery music, time with loved ones. But, in the lead up to the holidays, life can get hectic and making sure a home-cooked meal is on the table gets that much harder. 

Here are 5 fast ways to keep the holidays tasty and low-stress: 

  1. Embrace the semi-homemade. 

Who says everything has to be made from scratch? A delicious sauce (like new Super Special Sauce to dip or smear on anything) or a ready-for-the-oven batter like Triple Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Dough is delicious and equals way less dishes to wash.

  1. Delegate, delegate, delegate. 

You’re still a holiday hero when you accept help! If you’re hosting, focus on main dishes and your favorite side. Assign additional apps, sides, or sweets to willing friends and family. 

  1. Give every tedious task or chore a unique reward. 

Braved the post office line to ship off gifts? Good on you. Now, take a step back and treat yourself, whatever that looks like for you. An hour and a half with your favorite holiday movie, 5 minutes phoning your best friend on a brisk winter walk, or maybe an evening ice skating. Fun! 

  1. Sweet and snack-y stocking stuffers. 

The best gifts are usually edible. They’re even better when they make you feel as good as they taste. Find plenty of good-for-you options in The Sweetest Season collection. 

  1. Cook smarter, not harder. 

For an easy breakfast, assemble a bake (we’d recommend Blue Jean Chef’s Blueberry Sourdough French Toast Bake) the night before + pop it in the oven the next AM. For a worry-free dinner, this Family-Size Creamy Thyme Mac ‘n Cheese only takes four (yup, count ‘em, four) ingredients.  

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