5 Ways to Get Kids Involved In The Kitchen

December 15, 2023

It’s tempting to write off mealtime as a chore to check off. But when we slow down and savor it, it can become a moment of joy and creativity—even more so when we invite the kids into the experience.

Sure, it can mean a little extra mess. But it also means enjoying quality time, building healthy habits, boosting development, and instilling a sense of responsibility. Plus, a whole lot of fun.

Ready to invite your mini sous chef into the kitchen? Check out these simple ways to include little ones in making mealtime magic: 

  1. Fill the cart together. When you sit down to edit your Hungryroot delivery, invite your kids to join you. They’ll be thrilled to be the one personally adding their Rainbow Baby Carrots (or, let’s be honest, Unicorn Sprinkle Krispy Treats) to the cart.

  1. Let them choose the recipe. Your Hungryroot delivery has arrived—hooray! Now that you’ve got a few recipes to choose from, let the kids weigh in on which one to cook. They’re much more likely to be excited about a meal they got to pick.
  1. Get them their own tools. There is nothing cuter than a tiny spatula. Find kid-sized (and kid-safe!) kitchen tools to make it easier for little hands to help out. Bonus: Having their very own equipment gives kids a sense of ownership over the cooking process!

  1. Tap into their interests. Is your little one interested in science? Talk about where food comes from or which nutrients it contains. Got a budding artist? Let them get creative by plating the meal beautifully or setting the table with hand-drawn placecards.
  1. Grow a garden. The fun doesn’t have to stop in the kitchen. Plant some windowsill herbs or backyard veggies to use when you cook together. Hot tip: use the EnviroIce packs in your Hungryroot delivery as plant food. (Just let it melt, mix with a little water, and tada!)

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