5 Tricks for an Organized Fridge

December 15, 2023

Keeping the fridge organized can feel like an extra chore on an already long to-do list, but setting up a system pays off. Staying clean and organized helps to reduce food waste, cuts down on cooking time, and saves you money. As you take on spring cleaning projects, try out these tricks to keep your fridge organized all year long.

Clean Slate Fridge

To start, take everything out of the fridge—yes, even the mayo jar. Take stock of what you have (more than you think!), notice what’s expiring soon, and give the shelves a good wipe-down. Reload the fridge with soon-to-expire items near the front. 

Your Freezer is Your Friend

Utilizing the freezer will help you waste less and save more. The freezer lengthens the shelf life of all types of food—from bread, to meat, to sauces and condiments. Freeze your leftover sauce into ice cube trays for easy storage, or keep sliced bread in the freezer for a quick defrost when you need it. 

Organize your Recipes

When you’re unpacking your delivery, keep the food for each recipe together and store it in clear bags or boxes. Organizing them within your fridge will help you actually use all of the ingredients you receive, and will make cooking time even more efficient.

Build a Snacking Zone

Pick a dedicated section of the fridge—like your crisper drawer or a clear bin—to be the snacking zone. Fill it with fruit, veggies, yogurt, or really whatever you (and your kids) like to snack on. We recommend a lower shelf in the fridge for easy access to your most eaten snacks.

Keep up the Momentum

The more often you clean the fridge, the easier it’ll be to stay organized. Set yourself up with a cleaning schedule (like bi-weekly or monthly) to take stock and freeze things near their expiration dates. 

Don’t forget to snap a picture of your fridge when you’re finished organizing and show off your stuff with us @hungryroot on Instagram. Happy cleaning!

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