5 Tips for Filling Your Hungryroot Cart, According to a Dietitian

It’s a food obsessive’s favorite time of year: National Nutrition Month! We couldn’t let it pass without proper celebration, so we’ve teamed up with Hannah Cooper, a registered dietitian known across social media as @eatwellwithhannah, to share her expert tips and go-to picks all month long. Take it away, Hannah!

Shopping for my groceries at Hungryroot can really take the stress out of the weekly trip to the store. There are tons of healthy recipes to choose from, plus so many fresh groceries to fit my tastes and dietary preferences. With so many incredible options, how do I decide how to fill my cart? Check out my 5 easy tips for creating a nourishing and delicious delivery.

  1. Add in color. Fruits and veggies are key to a balanced diet because they contain so many vital vitamins, minerals, and good fiber—and you can find plenty of them at Hungryroot. I recommend ordering a rainbow of produce each week to add some color to your meals. My current favorites? Mini Sweet Bell Peppers, Multicolored Creamer Potatoes, and any of the salad kits! 
  1. Try something new. Hungryroot is constantly adding new products, which means you don’t have to get the same thing every week (but you can if you want to 🙂). Plus, every product has been vetted to meet their sourcing standards, so you can eat adventurously without worrying about quality. This week, I tried Himalayan Pink Salt Protein Chips made from chicken breast, egg whites, and chicken broth—how cool! 
  1. Choose a mix of pre-cooked + uncooked protein sources. I like to emphasize protein at every meal and Hungryroot has so many great protein options, from Wild Caught Cod Fillets to Lemongrass Chicken! Pro tip: having a mix of cooked and uncooked protein options on hand makes it easy to build a quick meal or take your time and make something from scratch.
  1. Use Filters. One of the best things about Hungryroot? They make it simple to remove items that don’t fit your dietary needs. You can filter by nutrition (Carb Conscious, High Protein, Low Sugar, etc.), dietary needs(Vegan, Gluten-free, Egg-free, etc.), and even by meal (Breakfast friendly, Lunch-Friendly). You can save so much time when shopping, because you don’t have to read every single label to figure out if something fits your needs!
  1. Plan your weekly meals. Want a stress-free way to plan out your meals? Shop by recipe instead of choosing individual grocery items! Even better—Hungryroot now has a new feature that allows you to swap out ingredients in recipes to fit your preferences or in case you already have that ingredient at home! 

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