5 New Smoothies to Try in December—and the Best Foods to Pair Them With

January 2, 2024

Christmas has come early here at Hungryroot: five delicious new smoothies and shakes have arrived on our virtual shelves.

During the holiday season, simple and nourishing eats are crucial to keep us fueled through this busy time of year—and these smoothies are the perfect solution. While you can always sip them solo for a quick and easy boost, we love pairing them with complementary flavors for a hearty snack or meal. Check out the must-try combos we’re loving lately:

Pair your Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Shake with Black Nitro Cold Brew. With the rich flavors of peanut butter and chocolate plus 14 grams of protein, this shake can easily satisfy on its own. But sip it alongside cold brew (or even mix them together!) and you’re sure to feel supercharged to take on your day.

Pair your Raspberry Dark Chocolate Smoothie with Ancient Grain Granola. Antioxidant-rich raspberries and cacao team up in this perfectly pink, not-too-sweet smoothie. Top it with a sprinkle of crunchy granola for a little extra protein and fiber, then voilà—you’ve got an oh-so-simple smoothie bowl.

Pair your Mocha Latte Protein Shake with a Cookie Dough Chilled Oat Bar. Nothing says “good morning” like coffee and chocolate. This creamy vegan shake is extra-energizing thanks to a double shot of cold brew coffee and 20g of protein, and it happens to taste amazing with the deliciously decadent flavors of this oat-filled breakfast bar.

Pair your Organic Chai Fuel Protein Shake with an Organic Honeycrisp Apple. Powered by this tasty shake and a crisp apple, you’ll be ready to take on anything. This almond milk-based shake has 12g protein, and is flavored with Indian chai-inspired spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom—which strike a perfect balance with a tart, sweet apple.

Pair your Organic Golden Mind Protein Shake with Cinnamon Twists. Spices galore! This creamy, almond milk-based shake is inspired by Ayurvedic golden milk with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom. Double down on the warming spices by pairing it with the addictive flavor of crispy, slightly-sweet cinnamon twists.

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