4 Ways Our Seafood is a Cut Above

December 15, 2023

Myth: seafood is too hard to cook at home.

We get it—cooking seafood can be intimidating. But with high-quality fish and the right recipe, you can enjoy tasty seafood at home every time. 

It starts with the fish. Our sourcing team has set the standards high to make sure you’re only getting the best:

  • First and foremost, we believe all animals should be treated humanely. For that reason, all of the seafood we sell is wild-caught or sustainably-raised. 

  • It has to be vetted. And not just by us. In addition to team-wide sampling to make sure everything tastes delicious, all of our seafood is Best Aquaculture Practices certified by third-party verifiers.

  • Freshness is a given. The tastiest, highest-quality seafood is freshly caught. Even our previously-frozen seafood is frozen at peak freshness to ensure its quality.

  • Foolproof to cook. With shelled shrimp, marinated salmon, and smoked fish, the seafood you receive is not only tasty, it’s low-prep and simple to cook.

Ready to try? Here’s a taste of our favorite seafood: 

Looking to add some seafood to your holiday table? Check out the video below for ideas and to learn more about our sourcing standards. 

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