4 Tasty Ways to Use Your Leftover Green Chile Sauce

April 27, 2023

The best thing about sauce: if you’ve got some in your fridge, you’ve got about a million options for a delicious dinner.

Exhibit A: our beloved Green Chile, a zippy sauce made with tomatillos, poblano peppers, and jalapeños. It’s got just enough spice to liven up any dish it meets.

Check out some inspiration for your leftover Green Chile—and adapt these simple ideas to any Hungryroot sauce hanging out in your fridge. You’ll reduce waste (woohoo!) and enjoy an extra dose of deliciousness.

Slaw. A two-ingredient recipe? We’re sold. Toss your Green Chile with Rainbow Veggie Mix for a simple yet super flavorful slaw. Serve as a side, or pile it on a sandwich for a little extra crunch.

Marinade. Three words: Chile Chicken Wings. Drench your wings in Green Chile and let them soak up the flavor in the fridge for a few hours (or, ideally, overnight!). Voilà—it's a sports bar favorite right in your kitchen.

Drizzle. Sure, you can drizzle this zesty sauce over just about anything, but there’s one pairing that stands above the rest: Green Chile sauce over a Green Chile + Cheese Tamale. Double the spice is twice as nice.

Bonus: remove it from a recipe! Still not sure what to do with your sauce? When editing your next delivery, find a recipe that features Green Chile (our Cookbook can help!) and simply edit the recipe to remove the sauce. That way, you can make the recipe using the sauce you already have in your fridge!

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