4 Tasty Tricks for National Grilled Cheese Day

December 15, 2023

If any sandwich deserves its own national holiday, it’s this one.

On the surface, it's simple: just a couple slices of bread and some cheese. But the gooey goodness of a grilled cheese is the foundation for endless options that can be tailored to any eater. And we think that’s something to celebrate.

To make the most of your grilled cheese, check out these 4 easy tricks that take the classic sandwich to the next level.

  1. Adult-ify the flavors. A couple of simple swaps or additions to a kids’ recipe and suddenly you have an elevated meal fit for the grown ups. We like taking our Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese, a kid-friendly favorite, and making it a little fancier with Basil Pesto, Banana Peppers, and Herb Butter.
  1. Use a sheet pan. Making grilled cheese for the whole family? Enter: the most efficient way to please every palate. Place your bread slices on a sheet pan, then invite everyone to add their own toppings. Let everything get nice and melty in the oven, then assemble.
  1. Make it a crouton. A classic tomato soup and grilled cheese combo will do, of course. But try taking it a step further by cutting your sandwich into smaller squares and topping your soup with mini grilled cheese croutons. (We especially love doing this with Hearty Minestrone or Three Bean Veggie Chili.)
  1. Change up the cheese. You can’t go wrong with staples like cheddar or American. But if you’re looking to infuse some unexpected flavor into a recipe, use our swap feature to replace your cheese with something a little more adventurous, like Pepper Jack, Gouda, Herb Sheep Cheese, or Brie.

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