4 Sneaky Ways You Already Reduce Food Waste with Hungryroot

December 15, 2023

A not-so-fun fact: food waste is responsible for as much as 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. Because we’re determined not to make that problem worse, we’ve built tactics for reducing food waste right into how Hungryroot works. That means that, without even trying, you’re already doing your part to keep food out of landfills just by eating with us.

Curious exactly how? Check out the sneaky ways that your delivery helps cut down planet-poisoning food waste.

  1. Your food is personalized to you. We get to know how you eat, so we can suggest food that works best for you and everyone you’re feeding. With recipes and groceries that fit your unique needs, you don’t end up with food you don’t like or doesn’t make sense for your lifestyle.

  1. You have endless options for recipes. If you’ve got a leftover ingredient, no need to toss it—there’s a wealth of resources (including over a thousand recipes!) that’ll help you put it to good use. Find a recipe that uses your extra ingredient in The Cookbook or check out our simple tips for jazzing up yesterday’s food.

  1. You cut down on shopping at traditional grocery stores. By getting your food from us, you likely shop less at grocery stores that throw out tons of food. Did you know? Roughly 40% of the food produced in the US goes to waste, and traditional grocery stores are a huge contributor to the problem. (Learn more about it here.)

  1. You can easily transform groceries into meals. When cooking is this quick and convenient, you won’t ignore your groceries in favor of takeout. After all, pre-washed, pre-cut ingredients that correspond to simple recipes are way less likely to sit in your fridge unused. 

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