4 Reasons Bison is the Miracle Meat You’ve Been Missing

June 20, 2023

Stuck in a cycle of beef, chicken, repeat? Mix it up with a meat so good, you’ll be a fan for life: bison.

This iron-packed protein tastes a lot like beef—our in-house protein expert Chris even tricked his family with bison meatballs!—but offers a heartier flavor and a whole lot of nutrients.

Read on for 4 reasons why bison belongs in your fridge:

  1. It’s sustainable. Our bison comes from Great Range Bison out in Colorado, a company dedicated to raising their herds in a way that’s good for the land and helps conserve the once-at-risk bison population of America.
  2. It’s healthy. With less fat, more iron and way more vitamin B-12 than beef, you can feel good about eating this super nutritious protein.
  3. It’s easy to cook. Want to cut down your time in the kitchen? Bison can help with that. It cooks faster than beef and chicken!
  4. It’s versatile. Craving tacos? Whip up Rainbow Ground Bison Tacos. In the mood for a burger? Give our Cheesy Bison + Chipotle Mushroom Burger a try. Feeling pasta? Bison Pasta Bolognese is the recipe for you.

Ready to give it a try? Add it to your next delivery or browse all of our beef & bison recipes here.

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