3 Tips for Easy Gluten-Free Eating—and 10 Tasty Recipes To Get You Started

December 28, 2023

Worried that going gluten-free means giving up deliciousness? Don’t sweat it—avoiding gluten (which can be problematic for those with gluten intolerance, celiac disease, or irritable bowel syndrome) doesn’t have to mean sacrificing all things tasty.

A gluten-free lifestyle can still be a culinary adventure full of diverse tastes and satisfying flavors. A few simple guidelines will help ease the transition to a gluten-free diet:

  • Be mindful of processed foods. Processed foods typically contain gluten unless labeled gluten-free. Focus on whole foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, eggs, and root vegetables, which are naturally gluten-free.
  • Keep it simple. Elaborate recipes can be overwhelming for beginners. Start with easy recipes that include a carb, protein, and healthy fat source.
  • Make easy substitutes. Swap gluten-containing foods like bread, crackers, and pasta with gluten-free alternatives. (Pro tip: we’ve got tons of options in our virtual aisles!)

Another super helpful tip for folks avoiding gluten: filtering our groceries and recipes. When customizing your delivery, just head to our Dietary Needs dropdown and select the Gluten-Free filter. Now, every recipe and grocery item you see is guaranteed to be safe for those with gluten sensitivities. (Want to ensure that you only see Gluten-Free food permanently? Edit your Food Profile to indicate it and we’ll never send you anything with gluten.)

To show you just how simple and satisfying a life without gluten can be, we’ve rounded up some of the tastiest gluten-free recipes that you can add to your delivery ASAP:

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