16 Super Sustainable Brands to Try This Month

December 15, 2023

Discovering a delicious new brand is always exciting. And when that brand also happens to be good for the planet? There’s nothing better.

This Earth Month, we’re taking a moment to shout out just a few of the Hungryroot brands that focus on sustainability. Whether it's their farming practices or their packaging, these companies go the extra mile to make sure that their products don’t just taste amazing, but also minimize environmental impact.

Of course, supporting sustainable brands is something to practice all year long. But consider giving these brands a little extra love this month. Your taste buds—and the earth—will thank you.


These brands do the important and creative work of taking food byproducts that would otherwise get tossed—like corn flour, extra bananas, or imperfect sweet potatoes—and transforming them into the foods you love.

Fair Trade Certified 

Fair wages, safe working conditions, eco-friendly production, community support—the Fair Trade movement is committed to all this and more. Brands that are Fair Trade Certified meet these rigorous standards, meaning they’re as responsible as they are tasty.

Sustainable Packaging

Good things come in sustainable packages. From going plastic neutral to offsetting environmental impact with plastic recovery programs, these brands are dedicated to keeping their materials out of landfills.

Regenerative Agriculture

Farming can take a toll on our environment—but these brands are working hard to minimize that impact. They use regenerative agriculture, a practice that helps restore soil and ecosystem health, leaving the land better than they found it.

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