Summer’s here! Getting away with loved ones is the most fun you can have. But eating healthy at the same time? That’s not so easy, especially when you’re limited to rest stop drive-thrus or don’t know what your kitchen options will be. Luckily, Hungryroot travels. Read on for how to eat great on the go. Hungryroot+snacks+on+a+road+trip
Credit: Michelle Locke,

Michelle Locke is a mom of one, writer/blogger at Writing Between Pauses, and frequent road-tripper. She uses Hungryroot snacks for ultra-long car rides and to put a spin on boring hotel breakfasts. “One thing I also like to make sure I have packed? Plenty of snacks! I get bored when I’m driving, especially during long stretches where there isn’t anywhere to stop…so, snacks are important. On our most recent trip to Idaho, we took along a big box of Hungryroot snacks: the salted pili nuts, coconut cashew granola, crunchy bean toppers, superfood almond butter, and almond milk maca matcha. These were the perfect snacks to have on the road—much better than my usual Cheez-Its!.” Her pro-tip for staying at hotels? “To customize our hotel breakfast, we grabbed a few extra yogurts to eat with the coconut cashew granola. Plus, the almond milk maca matcha made a great drink in the morning to get the day started throughout our trip.”

Frances Marsh road trip (w_ Wendy's in the background)
Credit: Frances M, Facebook

Frances, an active user of the Official Hungryroot Community Facebook page (pst, click through to join) recently went on a road trip to pick her daughter up from college and didn’t want to go a week without her Hungryroot. Her handy tips? She cooked meals ahead of time and saved half of them to bring along with her, then heated them up or discovered other ways to enjoy them. “Leading up to the trip, each time I prepared a combo, I saved half for the trip, thinking I’d be reheating in the microwaves in the hotels. But, I’m discovering they are great cold!” According to Frances she “…simply cannot be without my new way of life while on the road. NEVER want to taste a McDonald’s chicken sandwich again.” 

@happier_office two photos together
Credit: Kara, @happier_office

Kara, or @happier_office on Instagram, lives and works out of an amazing camper van. Whether she’s camping or on the road, she likes to make quick-and-delicious meals out of her Hungryroot. The reduced prep time certainly helps. “The secret to lazy camp meal prep— I tossed my shipment from @hungryroot in the cooler and was pretty much set for the week. Little to no prep, quick cooking, and healthy- a definite win! “

However you get out there this summer, there’s lots of ways to enjoy your delivery beyond your home kitchen. 

Our top travel tips: 

  1. Always. pack. the snacks! 
  2. Celebrate your leftovers 
  3. Don’t be afraid of a little cooking when you camp—Hungryroot makes it easier