Want a little more joy in your daily life? Happiness might feel like it’d be just around the corner if you could only get that new phone, swanky car, or bigger house. The reality? According to happiness experts, the answer is less obvious. The thing that can actually boost your joy: time.

Happiness studies conducted by professors Ashley Whillans and Elizabeth Dunn showed that time-saving purchases are much more effective at reducing overall stress than material purchases. Turns out, time is a lot more precious than stuff.

Thinking of upgrading to a new phone? It might be worth keeping the old phone and instead investing in apps that can help you manage your schedule. Headed down the aisle? Maybe opt for a wedding planner in lieu of an extra-pricey venue. Looking for more ways to boost time (and thus, happiness)? Read on!

Yup, It’s Possible to Add Hours to the Day

It’s all about delegation. From person to person it all depends on your needs and means, but there are plenty of ways to carve out personal time. The key? Time-saving purchases. A time-saving purchase is an investment in something that makes your load a little lighter, and gives you more room to do the things you want to be doing—like painting, reading, spending time with family, or watching seven seasons of Gilmore Girls.

If you feel like you spend hours and hours every weekend catching up on household chores and your dusting hand is getting a little tired, bring in a cleaner once a month. A few hours to do something other than laundry and sweeping floors is guaranteed to make your day a little shinier. If you’re looking for some alone or one-on-one time, bring in a trusted babysitter and go out for a fun afternoon or night out for a change. No time to grocery shop or run errands? Ordering online saves you time and energy.

In fact, this type of research is why we built Hungryroot. We do your shopping for you, and deliver healthy groceries that turns into tasty, nutritious meals in less than 10 minutes—so you can get back to the meaningful stuff.

Supercharge Your Free Time

Nice! You delegated, moved some meetings around, pushed appointments out, reached out for help, or did something to lighten the load. You’ve got some extra minutes in the day to do whatever it is you want to do. One of our top recommendations? Exercise.

According to a study recently published in The Journal of Happiness Studies, people who work out even once a week (or for as little as 10 minutes a day) tend to be more cheerful than those who never exercise. Meaning: even if you only free up 10 minutes a day and use it to move, you’ll be on your way to extra daily joy. Not sure how to squeeze in that movement? We recommend Aaptiv, a great audio-fitness app that can add some structure to your workout with guided jogs, guided yoga, and loads of other activities for anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.

To see more of what Aaptiv has to offer (and to save 40% on a yearly membership), visit aaptiv.com/hungry

Want to add more healthy, convenient foods to your routine? Get started here.

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