Imagine cooking nutritious, tasty, clean-ingredient dinners every night, and eating only fresh, good-for-you stuff every day. Sounds great, right? It’s the actually doing it part that’s hard.

That’s why the first step to a new healthy habit is setting yourself up for real-life success. Sometimes (often) real life means feeling too tired to cook. Sometimes it means wanting to eat cookies for breakfast, or to snack your way through lunchtime. Sometimes it means standing at your fridge with zero idea what to make.

Happily, that’s why Hungryroot exists. We know how hard it is to eat healthy on an everyday basis, which is why we make it simple to stock up on what makes you feel good. We intentionally design our foods to be flexible and crazy-easy to combine—think of them as building blocks that create quick, nutritious, tasty meals.

Fill your fridge with these seven healthy building blocks, and you’ll turn eating great into a real-life habit.

1. Fresh-Cut Veggies
Washing, peeling, and prepping all your veggies doesn’t seem like a big deal—until it’s time for dinner and you can hear your stomach rumbling. Often, fresh, clean-ingredient meals mean 30 minutes of prep work (think: chopping piles of broccoli into florets, or peeling and slicing sweet potatoes on repeat). It’s this step that makes it so hard to fit lots of fresh produce into your day—and why it can seem appealing to warm up a frozen pizza.

The answer: veggies that are freshly washed, chopped, and ready to throw in a pan (or even the microwave). Boom.

2. Good-for-You Grains and Pastas
Eating healthy means a balanced plate, including wholesome grains and pastas. Try nutrient-dense grains like quinoa, brown rice, or fonio (a gluten-free ancient grain)—and make cooking up your grains even easier with our pre-prepped grains that can be microwaved in just 90 seconds.

As far as pasta, we don’t have anything against the traditional stuff but for a healthy weeknight dinner, try grain-free pastas made from superfood plants like plantains or lentils. They’re rich in fiber and nutrients, and will keep you full longer.

3. Clean Proteins
Whether you’re vegan or omnivore, protein is key in any diet. That’s why it’s important to have wholesome options in the fridge that you can easily throw into salads, grain bowls, or any meal. Try fully cooked and ready-to-eat Hungryroot organic tofu, beans, chicken sausage, or smoked salmon. You’ll get all the protein you need, without any of the work.

4. Versatile Sauces and Dressings
Sure, you can combine tasty veggies, grains, and proteins and have something nutritious and filling. But add a delicious sauce, and it turns into a flavor-packed “whoa” moment. That’s why we’ve created versatile and addictively delicious sauces that are free of preservatives, additives, and sugar. Keep them in your fridge for endless possibilities: mix them into sautés, drizzle them onto grain bowls, toss them with pastas, or simply dip with veggies.

5. Grab-and-Go Snacks and Meals
You know that “I’m hungry right now and cannot possibly take 5 minutes to cook something” feeling? We’ve got you covered with our clean-ingredient, 100% satisfying grab-and-go products. Keep our refined-sugar-free oat cups in your desk drawer, plus a couple ready-to-eat quinoa cups or soups in the fridge, and you’ll never find yourself hangry at the vending machine (HATVM) again.

6. Sweets
Yep, sweets are on the list! It’s all about balance—and ingredients. Proof you don’t need processed sugar to enjoy an amazing dessert: pre-made sweets like brownie batter made from black beans, or cookie dough made from chickpeas. They’ll give you energy and nutrition, and you’ll get your sweet fix.

7. Jazzy Extras
We made this category up but think it belongs in the food pyramid. These are the things that only take a moment to add, but turn an entire meal up a notch (think: a dash of Probiotic Sriracha Hot Sauce, or a spoonful of Superfood Almond Butter). Like spices, cheese, or fresh herbs, they may be simple—but they make a big difference.

Along with your healthy basics (like eggs, nut milk, and fresh fruit), these seven types of food make healthy eating easy—and you can get all of them from Hungryroot.

6 replies on “What the Perfect Healthy Fridge Looks Like

  1. Where is the list of foods I ordered?? Please do not send me any of the food items I have specifically said
    to never send me… or I will just send them back to you.

  2. 1st week and I’m loving the Hungry Root foods. I’m having fun in the kitchen‼️ Hurray‼️

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