Hi there! Welcome to the Hungryroot universe. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting your first order or already a couple dishes in, we want you to feel supported every step (and bite) of the way. Exciting times are ahead, and this short and sweet guide will ensure you can make the most of your Hungryroot.

First, think inside the box

Your Hungryroot box contains a mix of fresh-cut veggies, versatile sauces, tasty proteins, and wholesome desserts. Some of these items are ready-to-eat, so feel free to dip into cookie dough while you zip through this post. But the majority of your food is designed to be combined into quick-and-easy dishes. To see your weekly dishes and recipes, you’ll want your (1) packing slip and (2) catalog, both of which can be found in your first box. The packing slip indicates which dishes you’ll be able to make with the items in your box, and the cute little catalog contains all of the recipes and cooking instructions (and lots of pretty photos). (And if you happen to misplace either, you can always find your dishes on your Account page!)

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We’ve already done 99 percent of the prep work for you, so cooking up a healthy meal will be as simple as opening up a few packages and combining them in a skillet (more on kitchen tools below).

But, also take care of the box

We’re committed to delivering the freshest food possible, which is why all of our boxes are packed with 100 percent recycled and biodegradable cold gel packs and insulated liners. Your food will stay fresh during transit, but once you see your Hungryroot box sitting in your apartment lobby/driveway/mail room, be sure to scoop it up and unpack its contents.

Once your food is safely tucked away, you can flatten our shipping box and add it to your paper recycling. For instructions on recycling the ice packs and thermal liners, check out the easy instructions on our FAQ page.

And then think outside the box

While your Hungryroot delivery includes the core ingredients you’ll need to make each of your dishes, there are a handful of other things you’ll want to have on hand. (Don’t worry, we’re almost positive you’ve got this covered.)

For starters, salt and pepper. Most of our recipes call for adding a pinch of salt and pepper during some stage in the cooking process. We like cooking with kosher salt or a fine sea salt for balanced, rounded flavors.

You’ll also need olive oil (or coconut oil, or whatever oil you prefer) for sauteeing veggies or creating salad dressings. Most of our cooked veggies start with a tablespoon of olive oil, but you can use a bit more if you prefer, or a bit less (especially if you’re using a nonstick skillet).

On the subject of skillets: You might have noticed that our veggie bags are quite voluminous. That’s because we love veggies, and we don’t believe in skimping on portion size. So you’ll need a pretty big skillet. We use a 12-inch skillet to comfortably hold the contents of one veggie bag. Don’t have a large skillet? We recommend cooking your veggies in batches to avoid overcrowding. Overcrowding the pan means your vegetables will steam instead of brown—and browned vegetables = natural sugars have been released = delicious.

Next, you’ll need a spatula or large wooden spoon to mix everything up. For our vegetable ribbons and noodles, a pair of tongs can be really helpful for tossing. And if you’re making one of our salads, a mixing bowl comes in handy.

plating dish from skillet.jpg

Don’t forget to enjoy the box

While we give you recommendations about how to pair foods to maximize variety, taste, and nutrition, there aren’t any rules about when and how you have to enjoy your Hungryroot food.

Feel like eating dinner for breakfast? Try our Baked Peanut General Tso’s Tofu before heading to the office (it takes just 7 minutes). Want an extra hearty lunch to fuel your afternoon workout? Eat both servings of our Green Goddess Lentil Salad or supplement it with your favorite protein. And feel like freestyling? Be our guest, and check out our Good Life Facebook group for inspiration.

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What happens after the box

Once you’ve tried all your dishes, tell us what you  thought by rating and reviewing them on your Feedback page. We’ll incorporate all your feelings—good, bad, meh—to make your future Hungryroot boxes even better. For instance, if you love the Lentil Curried Butternut Squash and rate it 5 stars, we’ll prioritize it in your upcoming shipments. But if you really weren’t into the Italian Chickpea Quinoa Bowl and you rate it 1 star, we’ll know to never send you that again.

Finally, we want to make it as simple as possible for you to manage your Hungryroot orders. You can manage your calendar at any time from your Deliveries page, and you have until 12pm ET every Thursday to skip or customize your order for the following week. Any other questions? heck out our FAQ page or drop us a line at help@hungryroot.com — we so excited to have you in our world!

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